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Agile Coach / Scrum Master



Annata is seeking an experienced Agile Coach or Scrum Master to lead agile implementation in the company.

Main duties:

Coach the organization on Agile values and principles
Facilitate Agile events, both Scrum and KanBan
Guide teams on being independent and self-organizing
Assist teams in removing impediments
Help teams increase visibility and transparency and share information with the organization
Support and educate Product Owners on grooming and defining the backlog
Facilitate release retrospectives, open space events and other workshops

Experience and skills/Qualifications: 

Two years of experience in the Scrum Master role
B.Sc. in Computer Science or similar education
Coaching experience is a bonus

Further information given by Rakel Sigurdardottir Head of Development,

Please fill out the application form below.  Application deadline 1.2.2018.